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This page will contain some comedy writings both past and present of MWSTAFFO. See what you think. It may not be the funniest stuff in the world, but if it puts a smile on just one kid's face, it's worth it. I'll try to add some new stuff each week for your reading pleasure.

The Lost Episode of...

The Lost Episode of the Brady Bunch - Like the Alice and Sam theme song, this is another rare find for Brady fans of all ages. This might have been the script for the first episode of the sixth season that never came to be. Clearly, there were some changes in store for the Brady household that seem to confirm the rumors of contract problems with Mike Lookinland (Bobby). There is also the hint of a possible spin-off starring Greg and Marsha. It's a shame that this groundbreaking episode was never filmed, but at least we get a chance to enjoy it now.

The Sketches O' The Week (or Month or Year):

Emotions: A Drama - One couple learns that, to stay together, sometimes you have to look back to the past.

What's Behind Curtain #1? - One family learns that, to stay together, sometimes you have to listen to that little voice in your head.

The Space Wanderers - One space squadron learns that, to stay together, sometimes you have to blast aliens with a red hot bolt of death from a high intensity laser blaster.

Previous Sketches O' The Week:

A Player to Be Named Later - A baseball team gets more than they bargained for in this trade.

A Mime for Dinner - Sometimes, being too good at your job can be hazardous to your health.

Gary's Leaving - Why does Gary want to leave? It's hard to say.

Roughly Speaking - It may not be a great game show, but it's close enough.

Those Wacky Dugermans:

Here they are: the official scripts of all five episodes of the beloved sitcom

Episode 1 - The Dugermans Go Out To Breakfast

Episode 2 - A Dugerman Thanksgiving

Episode 3 - A Surprise Party for Gene

Episode 4 - The Dugermans Go Camping

Episode 5 - Jean's First Date

Alice and Sam
Theme Song

Alice and Sam - This Brady Bunch spin-off never saw the light of day. However, the theme song from the lost pilot episode was recently discovered deep within the vaults of an abandoned television studio. For the first time ever, we can get a glimpse of what might have been...

That's all for now. Check in each week for new laughs-a-plenty!

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