A Mime for Dinner

(Bingy the mime and Ken are sitting at a table in a restaurant. A third guy appears at the door.)

Ken: Hey, Scott! Over here! (Bingy starts motioning Scott to the table with exaggerated gestures.)

Scott: Hey, Ken, how's it going?

Ken: Oh, it's going just great. Scott, I want you to meet a friend of mine. Or should I say a friend of mimes. (Bingy acts like he's laughing.) Scott, this is Bingy. Bingy, this is Scott.(Bingy stands, takes his hat off, and bows. Then he shakes Scotts hand.) Bingy is a mime, Scott.

Scott: (Unsure if he likes Bingy.) Uh, yeah, I had kinda figured that out.

Ken: You won't believe how good Bingy is. He's the best I've seen and you know that I've seen quite a few mimes.

Scott: (Sarcastically) Oh, yeah, you're practically an expert on mimes.

Ken: Oh, look! It appears that Bingy has already gotten his food. (Bingy is making movements like he is voraciously eating his dinner.) Ha ha. Isn't that great?

Scott: Well ... (Waiter walks up to table.)

Waiter: (To Bingy.) Can I take your order? (Bingy just kind of sits there and moves his mouth.) Hey. What's wrong with your friend?

Ken: He can't talk. He's a mime.

Waiter: (Like he has a disease.) Oh, I'm sorry.

Scott: Well, I'd like to order. I'll have the steak sandwich.

Waiter: And you, sir?

Ken: Bingy and I will have the grilled cheese. (Bingy rubshis hand on his stomach to signal his approval.)

Waiter: OK. I'll be right back. (He walks off stage and right back on with food.) Here you go.

Scott: Thanks.

(Bingy is jumping around like he's real excited about the food. They all start eating.)

Ken: So, what do you think of Bingy?

Scott: Well, he seems a little goofy.

Ken: You may laugh now, Scott, but Bingy makes quite a bit of money without ever saying a word.

(At this point, Bingy starts to choke on his sandwhich. He starts to clutch at his throat and flail his arms wildly.) Isn't that right, Bingy? Oh, hey, look! Bingy is choking. That's great, Bingy.

Scott: Wow, I've got to admit, that's pretty good.

(By now Bingy is grabbing at Ken's arm.)

Ken: (Doesn't even realize that Bingy is choking.) Bravo! Bravo! (He starts applauding.)

Scott: I don't know, Ken. That's a little bit too good. Maybe he really is choking.

Ken: Oh, don't worry. Bingy is a professional. This is his job and he's good at it. Right, Bingy? (Bingy shakes his head no. Ken starts to worry.) You're just joking. Right, Bingy? (Bingy shakes his head frantically and clutches at his throat.)

Scott: He's not joking. He's choking!!! Quick get him up. I'll do the Heimlich.

(They take Bingy to the edge of the stage and start to do the Heimlich. At first, a little piece of sandwich pops out. Then, a tennis ball and then a pillow. Finally, Bingy begins to cough.)

Ken: Bingy! Can you say something?

Bingy: (Coughing.) That's it! I'm through being a mime. It's just too dangerous.

Ken: You said it, Bingy!

(He slaps Bingy on the back. Another piece of food pops out.)