Those Wacky Dugermans

Episode 2: A Dugerman Thanksgiving

(George: (Calls out to Gene.) Geeeeeeene!

Gene: (Walks in to the room with a paddleball game.) Geeeeeeeee, Dad, what's the matter?

George: Ha, Ha, Ha. Nothing's the matter, son.

Gene: Then why did you call me in here?

George: Well ... Guess what?

Gene: What?

George: Guess.

Gene: Guess WHAT?

George: What?

Gene: What should I guess?

George: Oh, guess what today is.

Gene: Hey, Dad, give me a cluuuuuuuuuuue.

George: Well, it's a very special day.

Gene: I know. They're going to show a very special hour long Cosby show tonight.

George: No way, dufus. That was last week - today is Thanksgiving.

Gene: (Disappointed.) Again?

George: I'm excited, too. Where's your sister Jean?

Gene: Oh.. She's dying her hair to match her socks again. I'll go get her. (He runs offstage.)

George: (Excited.) This is gonna be GREAT!

Jean: (Walks In with red hair and socks.) Dad, is It really Thanksgiving?

George: It sure Is and we'll have cornacouplea of fun!

Kids: Hooray!

Eileeen: (Sticks her head in.) Excuse me, Dugermans, but Thanksgiving dinner is ready. Everyone please take your seats. (George and the kids sit down at the table.) Kids, guess what I made this year.


Gene: Jinks! You owe me a coke. One, two, three...

Jean: Stop!

Gene: You owe me three Cokes.

Jean: Dad, do I have to?

George: Well, Jean, we all have to play by the ruuuuuuuules.

Jean: Oh, all right. Here. (Jean pulls out three cans of Coke and gives them to Gene.)

Eileeen: Get ready, everybody. Here comes the turkey. (Dugermans start singing "Here Comes the Turkey (Bride)". Eileeen takes the cover off the plate and we can see that it is sliced turkey loaf. Gene starts to lean back in his chair. Eileen, in a motherly tone.) Gene, don't lean back in your chair, you could put someone's eye out.

Gene: OK. (Sits up.) Dad, can I carve the turkey this year?

Eileeen: But, Gene, your father has always been a turkey ...carver.

Gene: Come on, Dad.

George: Well...

Gene: I'll be your best friend.

George: OK. Go for it. (Gene starts "carving" slices.)

Jean: Dad, tell us about the first thanksgiving in the whole world.

George: Well, it was just like this only there were a lot more Indians...and they weren't from Cleveland. (The kids laugh TOO loud and TOO long. Gene has given everyone a slice of turkey.)

Jean: That's a great story Dad, but let's eat. (They make a motion like they're about to eat.)

Gene: (Interrupting.) Wait. Dad, the Cosbys wouldn't eat until they told everyone what they were thankful for.

George: Gosh, you're right, son. Jean, you start.

Jean: I'm thankful that Pepto Bismal doesn't come in a two-liter bottle.

Gene: I'm thankful that McDonald's doesn't serve something called a McRat.

Eileeen: I'm thankful that small children don't burst into flames when you say the number four.

George: And I'm thankful that your mother and I are finally getting that divorce. (Everyone looks at him in shock.) Just kidding! (Everyone smiles and laughs.) I'm thankful that the Dugermans are here together for Thanksgiving dinner. Now let's eat! (Everyone starts to eat. Theme music starts to play.)

Gene: Please pass the peanut butter.