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The Prisoner is a late 60's British TV show that stars Patrick McGoohan (the old king in Braveheart, the judge in A Time to Kill) as a secret agent who has suddenly resigned. Fearing that he has become a traitor, his own government captures him and tries to force him to reveal the reasons for his resignation. Maybe. Or maybe he has been captured by the enemy who wishes to make use of his knowledge for their own diabolical purposes. Or maybe there's some other reason for his capture. Whatever the case, Patrick McGoohan's character wakes up in the middle of an odd, isolated town known only as "The Village". Everyone in the Village has a number instead of a name and the Prisoner is referred to only as "Number 6" by his everyone there. The plots of the episodes revolve around the captors (overseen by the always-changing "Number 2") trying to obtain "information" from the Prisoner through a variety of physical and psychological methods. The prisoner, meanwhile, must try to escape or overcome his captors while figuring out where he is and why he is there.

The Prisoner Virtual Collector Cards
Please feel free to enjoy these cards that I got from Rainbow Card Co.
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Prisoner Episodes
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