MWSTAFFO's Twin Peaks Pages

Welcome to my Twin Peaks pages. MWSTAFFO's Video Club has shown the complete series four times now over the years. In case you were living in a cave, Twin Peaks is the TV show co-created by film director David Lynch and writer Mark Frost. Though it was only on for two seasons (1990-91), it had a great influence on TV in the 90's, demonstrating what could be achieved in a medium not normally known for innovation. Shows like Nothern Exposure, Picket Fences, and especially the X-Files may have never gotten on the air without Twin Peaks paving the way for unusual, non-traditional programs. Debuting to enormous media hype in its first season, Twin Peaks had all America asking "Who killed Laura Palmer?" and trying to decipher all of the odd clues along with Agent Cooper. The popularity of the show declined during the second season because of a number of factors including a move to a poor time slot, an on-again off-again schedule that made it very difficult for viewers to keep up with the continuing story, and a plot that refused to conform to expectations. Have fun exploring my little tribute to the best television show ever.