Explore the Real Twin Peaks

Here are some pictures I took when I went to the 1997 Twin Peaks Fan Festival
out in Washington with my friends Dave and The Doctor.

Click on the different areas of the map to open photo albums of Twin Peaks filming locations.
A few of the scans are a little blurry because the original photos were in 3D!
Great Northern Great Northern Roadhouse Roadhouse Double-R Diner Double-R Diner Welcome Sign Welcome Sign Railroad Bridge Railroad Bridge Packard Saw Mill Packard Saw Mill High School High School Train Graveyard Train Graveyard White Tail Falls Sheriff's Station Sheriff's Station Big Log Winery Winery Big Ed's Gas Farm Big Ed's Gas Farm Fat Trout Trailer Park Hap's Diner Cast Members Miscellaneous Seattle Black Lodge Owls Pete's House The Rock

Illustration by Chavens - Copyright (C) 1992