And Now for Tonight's Top 10 List...

The Top Ten Reasons to watch Twin Peaks at
MWSTAFFO's Video Club
10. Our special conditioners give your hair fullness and body while they help repair split ends.
9. Teacher says, "Every time you watch an episode of Twin Peaks, an angel gets its wings."
8. Aren't you tired of wasting another Saturday night sitting around on your couch watching TV? Come to our apartment and do it instead.
7. The Spice Girls probably won't show up every week.
6. Mmmmmm, is that the fresh smell of hamsters wafting in the breeze?
5. It will help take your mind off that horrible Y2K bug.
4. Babes! Babes! Babes!
3. Darn it, isn't it about time you did something for you?!?
2. Every fifth person through the door wins a brand new Buick LeSabre.
And the number one reason to watch Twin Peaks at MWSTAFFO's Video Club is...
1. It's free!