Twin Peaks Face Painter Gallery

Here are a couple of strange and wonderful faces I created with the Twin Peaks Face Painter.
If you make a cool face, send it to me and I'll put it here in the gallery for all the world to see.

Major Laura ShelleyDale Briggs

     To save your Twin Peaks Face Painter creation:

  1. Once your picture is ready, make sure that your browser window is selected and then press "ALT-Print Screen" to save the window image to the clipboard.
  2. Open a paint program (like Paint Shop Pro or Picture Publisher) and press "CTRL-V" to paste the image into a new document.
  3. Use the selection box (or marquee) to select just your face from the whole browser image.
  4. Use the "crop" function of your paint program to remove everything but your face creation. If you can't figure out how to crop the image, press "CTRL-C" to copy your selected face and then use "CTRL-V" to paste it into a new document. (If you're still having problems, just send me the whole screen image and I'll crop it.)
  5. Save your face as a JPEG and send it to me and I'll put it in the gallery.