Double Feature Saturdays 2:
Sci-Fi Saturday

DFS2: Sci-Fi Saturday
Saturday, March 18, 2000

Special Sci-Fi Game-A-Thon - 2:00 pm
To start out Sci-Fi Saturday, we're going to play a couple of cool science fiction games (and we'll order some pizza at some point too):

X-Files Collectible Card Game - A fun game where you send out your FBI agents to investigate creepy locations. If your agents are successful, you get to ask your opponent a question about his secret X-File. But there are also Event, Adversary, and Equipment cards that may help or hinder your investigations. You win if you figure out what your opponent's X-File is by process of elimination kind of like in Clue. The cool thing is that because it's a CCG, each player has a different set of cards.

Everybody who shows up gets a free starter deck of X-File cards!

Cosmic Encounter - An awesome game where you try to become the first to establish bases on five enemy planets. There's a lot of diplomacy in this game because every time you attack somebody, you can ask any other players to be your allies. But so can your opponent! The best part of the game, however, is that each player is a different alien who has the power to break one of the game's rules. It's wacky!
The Arrival - 6:00 pm
Here's an alien movie starring Charlie Sheen that's actually pretty good. It ain't Gone With the Wind but it's as good as any X-File episode I've seen - it's sort of like Contact but the aliens don't let you down at the end. Just watch it OK? If you don't like it I'll give you your money back.
The Abyss - 8:00 pm
Hey, long before James Cameron was drowning people in Titanic, he was drowning them in this movie - but with aliens thrown in as well. Some of you may have seen this movie and thought the ending was kind of lame. Well, we're going to be watching the extended director's cut version with an additional thirty minutes that the studio made Cameron cut when it was originally released. Believe me, the movie (especially the whole deal with the aliens) makes A LOT more sense with these missing scenes and there's a cool new tidal wave scene that they didn't have the technology to do back in 1989. Special effects rule!