The Tale of the Grimpils:
Behind the Scenes

The scale model of the Aprilflower was our entry into a Thanksgiving competition at work where we had to decorate a box for a canned food drive. Our original idea was to build a model of the Mayflower, but it didn't come out looking right and when our spies uncovered evidence of a better Mayflower entry, we started looking at other options. It was then that one of us happened upon a dusty old American history book in a small used book store that had a brief chapter about the plight of the Grimpils. We decided that it was about time someone told their story and the rest is, well, history...
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An early conceptual sketch of the Aprilflower The Grimpil Team 
Pat, Tom, Dave, Mike, Steve, Tasha, Craig, Rick, Phil
Our exhibit was awarded "Runner Up"
The Mayflower ship that took first place.  Once again, the Grimpils lost out to their old rivals. We still thought the Grimpils should have won because our ship sailed to the competition under its own power by remote control!
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